Are you open on Sundays?

No, we are not open on Sundays.

Do I need to call ahead to order a keg?

No, since we are a Master Distributor, we usually have a large stock of kegs on hand for purchase.

Will you give my information to the police?

On occasion, members of law enforcement will ask Nittany Beverage to furnish a sales record of a specific sale to assist in an investigation, Nittany Beverage, just like all other licensees, is required by law to furnish that information to those officials.

What is your carding policy?

Please see our House Policies section.

I'm 23 years old, why do you need to see my ID?

It is Nittany Beverage’s policy to card anyone who appears to be under the age of 30. For more information, please see our House Policies section.

Can you dye the beer in my keg green for St. Patrick's day?

No. The PLCB Liquor Code, specifically Section 492.17, prohibits “any person, to fortify, adulterate, contaminate, or in any wise to change the character or purity of, the malt or brewed beverages from that as originally marketed by the manufacturer at the place of manufacture.” Since the beer does not come from the brewery as green, we are prohibited by law from changing it.

I saw this great beer in another state, can I order it from you?

This is the tricky one. In order for a brewer to sell their product in this state, they must first register the brand with the PLCB. If the PLCB approves their product, then the brewer can assign distributors for the product. After distributors are assigned, we can only get the product if we are assigned the territory, or if we have a relationship with the distributor assigned to our territory, and even then we may not be able to carry the product. In short, it’s a very complicated process, and the answer is usually no. You can see a listing of PLCB registered brands here.

You sold me a cold case of beer, and I can't fit it all in my 'fridge, will it go bad?

his is a very common question, and the answer may surprise you. Generally speaking, as long as you don’t put the case in direct sunlight, or near a source of heat, room temperature storage will not spoil cold beer. Sunlight is the main culprit of “Skunky Beer”. We suggest that you store your beer in a cool, dark place, like a basement or a garage.

How much beer is in a keg?

Here is keg-calculus:
1/2 Barrel (Keg) = 1984 oz. / 15.5 gal. / approx 165 12oz. servings (7 cases)
1/4 Barrel (Keg) = 960 oz. / 7.5 gal. / approx 80 12oz. servings (3.5 cases)
1/6 Barrel (Keg) = 640 oz. / 5 gal. / approx 50 12 oz. servings (2.5 cases)

Do you rent equipment?

Yes we do! We can rent you a hand tap and or a tub with your keg purchase.

I just found that tap I (or my roomate) rented from you at the beginning of the semester, can I return it and get the deposit back?

If you have had the tap out for more than 30 days, the answer is no, you now own it. Please see our House Policies page for more information.

Can you ship a case or keg out to me?

We cannot ship cases or kegs. All purchases must be done in person, and are cash and carry.

Do you have to be 21 years old to return a keg?

Yes, Nittany Beverage’s policy requires any person returning a keg of beer, empty or not, to be at least 21 years of age, due to the fact that it is considered transportation of alcohol.

I want to be sure I get a particular product on a certain day, can I reserve it?

The only way to reserve a product is to first come in and pay for it. We will then tag it, and put it aside for you to pick up at your convenience. Unfortunately, we cannot take reservations over the phone because there is no way to verify the age or identity of the person on the phone.

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